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Meet Insubiq Health. It is a Platform for remote chronic respiratory disease management and care optimization in between appointments
Connected care management
Insubiq Health is a cloud-based platform that delivers integrated remote care management through personalized care and biometric data harvesting and monitoring
Real-life biometric data

Empowering RPM and Reimbursement
Chronic conditions
We connect care teams with patients to provide remote care for those who have chronic respiratory conditions. It relaxes the workload on the provider's team and motivates patients to control their health
Reimbursement potential
Our platform helps your practice generate additional revenues and expand your reimbursement potential
Nearly half of chronic patients show no adherence to control their condition. Our app improves patient adherence by sending notifications to the patient and notifying the care team
Integrated Devices
We connected a mobile app, a smartwatch app, and a web dashboard to enable seamless data capture. It allows providers to profile the risk of their populations and decide where to focus their efforts.
A web dashboard provides insight into your patient's health status with the data generated from the patient app
Customizable Modules
Our platform has many modules that include cough detection and monitoring and other digital metrics from smartwatch and smartphone sensors. It provides a previously unavailable insight into patients' long-term health status.
Reimbursement potential
up to $180
Reimbursement for each patient per month
Treat twice as many patients
Annual potential revenue from a patient
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