Healthy employees and productive teamwork
Now everyone is scared of disease outbreaks and companies have to take care of their teams' health.
Now it's easy to set up a cough monitoring system in your office.
Viruses (including COVID-19) and flu can impact businesses both big and small in any industry and the community at large
An estimated 25,000,000 workers in the U.S. get sick due to flu annually.
An estimated $21B in lost earnings each year

The impact of COVID-19 on companies is much more serious and has yet to be calculated.

The scenario when COVID-19 will return to fall is not excluded.
You'd better prepare for that now.
Cough monitoring system for office
As well as for malls, restaurants, transport and other public places
Easy integration into your systems
AI automatically analyzes all people and fixes coughs
Notify people that your space is protected
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